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1.20 Is it difficult for a person to install snap together laminate wood flooring,should we hire a professional?

Q. We are putting down the board like laminate wood flooring that snaps together & have been told it is easy to do . Does anyone know how to do it? We could use your help.

A. Hello, Just follow instructions that are on every pack, Tools needed , Fine tooth saw, square, ammer, stanley knife for scribing the line to be cut,rule and pencil, and common sense. Some you just snap together by hand, others have a driving tool to knock the laminate joints into one another. Just take your time, make sure before jointing up as to take apart again will damage laminate. Go for it.

1.20 How long does it take a professional to install Laminate Wood flooring?

Q. About 100 s.f. in the kitchen. There is an Island, two door ways. I want it installed over our 18" ceramic tile. Thanks.

A. I would estimate about two hours unless there are of other problems like uneven or broke tiles. Make sure you get the estimate in writing before they start. My wife and I did our livingroom and hallway in about three hours but we didn't have all the tools at first to make it go faster. Good luck not sure way the thumbs down ?????

1.20 Question for flooring expert?

Q. I am going to get some hard word flooring soon. it is going to be click-lock. right now my room has carpet that is about 27 years old. over the last 15 years I have sat on floor and layed on it to play video game or watch TV. this has caused the padding under the carpet to go flat. I'm definatly going to get some kind of chair to sit in on the new floor but if I were to sit or lay on hard wood flooring with out any kind of chair would the same thing happen ?

A. I have installed floorboards before and I doubt you could hurt the floor by just sitting while playing games or watching TV.

1.20 How to transition for 1" step down from new wood flooring to old. Contractor says it can't be done w/ reducer?

Q. I will have a 1" difference between new & old flooring. Contractor wants to rip out subflooring & I would like to save money & use a transition strip. He says 1" is too high. What about a wide wooden transition about 6" to allow a gradual transition?

A. Why does he want to rip out the sub floor? If he does he could also put in a new sub floor to bring it even. I'm sure you could get a bevelled peice of wood at Home Depot & stain it, then butt it up to the new floor. Regardless of what you do, is this going to cause a tripping hazard. Good luck.

1.20 How can I make wood flooring with different colors and gains look the same?

Q. I am looking for a cheap flooring job in a room in my house, and it has to be wooden floors. I am friends with a guy that is a flooring contractor and he gets to keep all extra pieces that do not fit in the house. So he has all of the flooring that I need, they all fit each other, but not all of them have the same texture/gain and color. Is there any way to get them all to be the same? I was thinking that I would be able to sand them down and maybe stain them, but I'm not too sure.

A. Probably not. All woods accept stains differently. The only way to have uniformity with differing species and grains is paint.

1.20 Hardwood and tile flooring project. What to do first?

Q. I am redoing the tile in my entryway and installing hardwood flooring adjacent to that. Which do I do first? the tile or the hardwood? And why? Ive had conflicting answers from installers. Also, the tile was installed directly onto the floor, no subfloor. Im sure its best to remove it (im dreading that!) and redo it properly onto plywood or any other options??? Thanks for any input.

A. Remove the tile first and make sure that you have a fairly smooth surface to deal with. Some wood flooring will have a foam pad on the back of it so you can put it directly on the exposed ground. If not they make a pad to put down first. Then start to measure and cut your pieces to fit. Its easy but time consuming. I just did my neighbors living room and dining room.

1.20 Install wood floors for a new home?

Q. Hi, I am going to buy a new house. After I sign the contract, they start to build. If I want everywhere wood floors instead of carpets then I need to pay more $8000+tax. Can I go directly with builder instead of agent to get a better/cheaper deal? Or I should use those new carpets for couple years and then change them to wood floor...will it cheaper if I buy material at home depot and hire someone to install?

A. You could actually do it yourself. Start with the carpeting (you may want to just keep it in the bedrooms). You can do the floors a little at a time (one room at a time).Go to the DIY web site and they tell you how to do it. Also, it is not a good idea to put hardwood flooring in the kitchen because it doesn't sustain damage well and would have to be replaced. Also, don't buy hard wood flooring that is on clearance sale because they stopped making it. If for some reason you need to replace a portion of the hard wood flooring you'll have to do it all over again because you can't get the same style. You could hire someone to install it, but check them out carefully. Make sure they are insured and run them through the Better Business Bureau to see if they have had any complaints lodged against them.

1.20 Can i install wood flooring over time?

Q. I am wanting to install flooring through my entire house. I cannot afford to do this all at once. Is it possible to just do my kitchen and dining area first and then next year do my living and it still match? I believe that I have heard that if you do not get it all at the same time the colors may not match up. How do you clean wood flooring? can you mop it? I live in Ohio. Is there a best time of year to install it? thanks!!! could i use pinesol on pergo floors? in my condo there is no wall between the dining and living area. it is a sunken (spelling?) living room though.

A. Pergo flooring is the cheapest and easiest to install and depending on the area you could put it in in a few hours. get someone to help you and be able to saw and read a tape measure.pergo is about 1/4 inch thick but the plank type of flooring is 3/4 inch or more.pergo can be swept mopped vaccumed and looks great.the plank type has to be nailed together and is tongue and grooved.it also has to be cut often to install it and with most homes the entire door have to be lifted and after the floor is installed has to be stained and polyurethane applied several times and sanded in between coats.you can purchased already finished flooring but you would still have to lift doors.pergo is already finished and comes in many colors and grains.

Wood Flooring

 Flooring - Wood Flooring No other flooring material offers quite the same kind of beauty as wood flooring. There is something polished and classy about wood flooring that other materials simply can't match. They are perfect for all styles of Painesville, Ohio area homes, but add a special finish to country homes, farm houses etc. Besides, they are relatively easy to clean, are extremely durable, and overall, add to the value of your home. They are also one of the most natural flooring materials, allowing you to give back to the environment.

When it comes to choosing a hard wood floor for your >, Ohio area home, consider not just the décor in the rest of the room, but also the kind of use the room has, and your life style. Certain species are not advised for use in certain parts of the country. Your formal living room will be accented by a darker color of wood, while kitchens and family rooms need wood flooring that is of a lighter shade, and not a dark or bleached wood floor. The high traffic and risk of spills in these area call for a different style. Bathrooms on the other hand, do not work well with wood floors. Oak hard wood floors and cherry hard wood floors are still the wood species of choice for their long lasting style. Consider color variations in each piece of wood that is installed, because each piece could have been sourced from a different tree. Take in to consideration the thicknesses and widths of the boards or planks. All companies have their own color, sizes and styles, so make sure that your floor installer and you are on the same page on all the specifications. For instance, a natural oak wood floor is called by dozens of different names in the flooring industry.

Although wood flooring is available in a choice of price ranges, remember that the cheaper the wood, the lower the quality. A cheap hard wood floor will almost always have more natural imperfections and variations in color. A higher priced floor will offer not just deeper colors and the possibilities of special color washing, but also will have greater consistency in color. To make sure that your expensive wood floor lasts long, never use ordinary floor care products on your floor. Protect your wood floor by using rugs. Never leave water standing on your floor -- this can damage and discolor the wood. Also, remember to use flat foot wear on your wood floors. High heels that can exert as much as 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch can damage your wood floor. Never drag furniture across the floor, and always use a vacuum brush.

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