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1.20 Do I have to remove the toilet to put down laminate flooring in the bathroom?

Q. Right now there's vinyl flooring there and I want to put down this laminate that looks like stone. I just don't know if I have to remove the toilet to put it in or do I cut around it and caulk? I want it to look as professional as possible. I just don't want it to scream "AMATEUR".

A. If you are going for the pro look you will certainly want to pull the toilet to install your floor. When you go to reinstall the toilet you will more than likely need to add a spacer flange as well as a wax ring w/ horn to the original flange to accommodate the new floor height. Make sure you follow the laminate flooring manufacturer's installation instructions for wet areas. Regards, Indy

1.20 Vinyl Flooring Installation Questions (Canada)?

Q. I have a couple questions.....does anyone have any experience dealing with the big box stores for vinyl sheet flooring installation? One of the reasons I am asking is because I can't possibly move my fridge and stove by myself . I need it moved for installation and then moved back when it has cured. Is this part of the service? (HD, Rona,Lowes, etc) Also, there is linoleum as an original floor and then previous owners used vinyl tile on top of that. Is it okay to just install on top of that or should I take it all off, or just the vinyl tiles off? If i take the vinyl tiles off will the linoleum tiles also come off and me have a huge mess to deal with? Arggg...the joys of budget renovating

A. It would be cheaper to put down a 1/4" sub floor over top what is already there. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets but I am not sure what it runs price wise in Canada. I am from the U.S. The large big box stores will lay it for you but I would check a couple places and find out what it costs. They do move out the fridge and stove. An idea is - if you have a drawer in your stove, take the drawer out and see if the floor is extended under your stove. A stove is not too hard to move. Also, if you can borrow a hand truck a fridge is not too hard either especially if you can empty it - take all the bottles out and clean it good. Another thought, once the sub floor is layed, maybe you want to try to install your floor yourself. Tiles or large width vinyl. There again, you would not have to take anything up or lay a sub floor if you would decide to put that new hardwood-look-alike vinyl floor. You lay a membrane like cushion down and then lay the vinyl wood on top of it - it just snapes together. A woman can do it in an afternoon. Read the directions, I believe you take the moulding off around the walls and then start 1/2" in, and after the floor is down, you put new mouldings down to match. Good luck.

1.20 Does existing vinyl flooring have to be removed before installation of self-stick vinyl tiles?

Q. I have a small bathroom in which I plan to install TrafficMaster self adhesive vinyl tile. There is existing vinyl coverning in the room (the kind that comes rolled up like carpet). Does this need to be removed, or can I just install my tiles over it? Is it best to remove the base trim in the bathroom as well?

A. I would highly recommend not using the the self-adhesive tiles anywhere unless you are selling your house in the near future. I've seen it so many times with those that in under a year they begin to seperate and look terrible because the dirt will stick to the adhesive in the cracks. Try a product called dura-stone. Its the same concept but it's a little bit thicker, but much, much more durable. Instead of the self adhesive you would apply it with a flooring trowel then apply just the same way as the others. As far as cutting it a table saw works great for complicated cuts and a score and break for the straight cuts. And yes take base boards/shoe molding off, tear out old floor to the best of your ability, and don't forget to use a hand saw to cut the bottoms of the door casings so the floor will slide underneath. And when finished caulk between tub and floor if you have one.

1.20 What should I use to patch underlayment for vinyl flooring?

Q. What I have is 1/2" plywood underlayment screwed to tongue and groove subfloor. Some of the screw heads are recessed, up to 1/8" deep. The guy I hired said he could spackle the holes. A general contractor told me to follow the recommendation for the vinyl sheet flooring I will be installing. I found the installation instructions for the flooring and it says to use "recommended latex patching compound." It appears that the "recommended" patching compound is a latex-modified portland cement patching compound. I looked at and can't even see that they sell such a thing. (Or maybe their search feature doesn't work well.) So what should I use?? Is the manufacturer being too picky in their recommendation?

A. Home Depot sells floor patch compound in gallon buckets. Talk to a sales representative. You dip some out with a putty knife and smear it over the screw head or any other irregularity you have in the floor.

1.20 Hardwood Floor installation cost?

Q. I want to replace the old carpet in my living room with hardwood floor and replace the vinyl floor in the kitchen with tiles. Could anyone tell me the per square foot cost for each? Also, what would be the removal cost for the carpet and vinyl? Many thanks

A. Carpet is easy to remove yourself or should be done for at most a few hundred dollars by installers no matter what floor type you choose. Especially now when home decor sales have gone down due to lower home sales. Vinyl flooring is about $1 to $2 a square foot to remove if it is glued and it depends on what subflooring it is adheared to. Tile installation seems to vary by region but averages between $4.50 and $6.00 a square foot to install. If you can find by asking around, a good tile installer with good references, you should be able to get them to do your installation on the side without taxes for $2 to $3 a sq. foot. It will depend on how much they want the extra work. Wood flooring installation, for real 3/4 inch solid wood floors stained and finished to your favorite finish should run no more than $8.00 a square foot for the best grade. Beware of inferior grades being pushed off on you. Read up about the different grades so you can sound eduacated when calling. This will help you to know what you want to get and will help prevent someone from giving you a wood grade lower than what you want.

1.20 I need new paint, carpet, tub etc. what is the correct work sequence?

Q. Hi, It's a vacant 1 bedroom apartment (rental business). I am not experienced in this and wanted to ask if the following is the correct ORDER of doing the different things needed(?): 1. Replace tub and tub surround 2. Remove and dispose old carpet & baseboard 3. Fix apartment entrance/hallway frame where there is missing wood/wires come out. 4. Paint entire apartment 5. Carpet installation and vinyl flooring (also entire apartment - vinyl in kitchen, same bathroom where tub will be replaced and entrance to the apartment/hallway) Is this the correct order? for example I'm not sure if 1. should come before 2. or 2 befroe 1(?) It's a 4-plex, the apartment in question is ground level 1 bedroom. THANKS. Thank You everyone!

A. 2,3,4,1,5. This order will help you make sure that one job does not interfere with the others.

1.20 Apartment Renovations - Is this a Fair Quote or Complete Rip Off?

Q. - Quote to replace tub and tub surround - $1,700 - "this would be barring any problems" - Remove and dispose old carpet & baseboards - $300 - Paint entire apartment including kitchen and bathrom cupboards and hallway -$2,100 - Carpet installation (275 sq.ft) and vinyl flooring (275 sq.ft) - $2500 The apartment is a 1-bedroom only 550 sq/ft. it's a rental business and not in the best area in town in Ontario, Canada so I just want it to be nice and simple, not expensive fancy stuff. (for example commercial grade carpet is perfect). There was a heavy smoker living there before. is it possible painting is more expensive becasueof that for example? how much approximately should the above items really cost? THANKS.

A. If the tub quote includes the tub, new plumbing and faucets it is OK. Not good, but OK. The rest of those are nuts. The carpet and vinyl, removal, and replacement is more like 800-1000, unless you are buying high end carpet. Painting a place that small is maybe 60 in supplies and 100 to paint, it will take 6-7 hours to prep and paint. Another 2 hours for the cupboards.

1.20 Can sheet vinyl flooring be PROPERLY installed without adhesive?

Q. I recently purchased a home that had been involved in a fire restoration. As part of the restoration, the kitchen & foyer floor was laid w/ new vinyl flooring. However, there is a noticable "buckle" in the vinyl that runs the length of the kitchen floor & is about 10" wide. Same story in the foyer. I also noticed the entire perimeter of the floor was caulked around the baseboards. I decided to pull back the vinyl in the foyer & discovered that there was little to NO adhesive; rather, the new vinyl was attached directly to the old linoleum floor with double sided sticky tape (looks like that clear packing tape)!! I was stunned...all of the other homes that we have installed vinyl in had new plywood subfloors installed & the vinyl laid over that with adhesive. When I contacted the restoration company to complain, they told me it buckled because the house had been vacant & I just needed to walk on it & it would adhere. I think it's substandard work & insurance fraud. Comments?

A. There are some "loose-lay" vinyl floors that are designed to be installed without adhesive. If your floor has a white foam or hard slippery backing it may one of these. When installing loose-lay, the tape you mentioned should be installed only in doorways, along seams, and underneath appliances. Also it should have a 1/4" gap around the perimeter so that the contraction of your walls in the wintertime does not cause the floor to wrinkle. If the floor has a grey felt back it must be glued. And this means the entire surface. Vinyl can also be acceptably installed over old vinyl but the old must be prepped with cementatious floor patch to prevent the pattern of the old floor from showing. Definitely sounds like bad work.

Vinyl Flooring

 Flooring - Vinyl Flooring Their ease of installation and affordable price makes vinyl flooring the flooring material of choice for a vast majority of homes across the country. The cost of installation is lesser than wood floors, and installing involves using adhesive to stick the vinyl flooring to a sub floor. Generally, you can choose from sheet vinyl and vinyl ties. Bot
h these types have high resistance to stains. The colors and textures that you can choose are also varied, allowing you to customize a look for your >, Ohio area home and combine different textures and shades.

Modern vinyl flooring can be installed either as sheet vinyl or as vi

Get your vinyl flooring installed by a qualified professional. If the vinyl tiles are not installed properly, dirt can begin to collect between the tiles. If water gets in to these gaps, it can cause your tiles to loosen. Clean your floor using a floor cleaner that is recommended by your flooring company. Never use soaps or harsh chemical cleaners. Be careful while lifting or moving furniture because vinyl floors are prone to denting. Make sure that your sub floor is well installed to avoid bumps in your vinyl floor.

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