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1.20 How hard is it to install Pergo (laminate flooring)?

Q. Is this a job that one or two people can handle? Can you do an average sized room in a weekend? Do you have to remove floor molding? Should I just give up and get a professional?

A. Not hard just bring the boxes in to the house and open them and leave them so the wood can adjust to the house and humidly the take the molding off being careful not to break it and number it so it goes back on in the same place you need to leave a gap the whole way around the room so the wood can expand and contract you can do it just take your time test fit the room first before installing

1.20 How to put laminate flooring on stairways?

Q. We have laminate flooring through out our house except on the stairway, upstairs hall and the bedroom. My wife would now like it on the stairway and upstairs hall. I installed the flooring through out the house, but I am not sure how to install it on the stairway. Am I better off leaving it to a professional?

A. I would be concerned that it would cause a slip hazard. Maybe check into painting it a similar color and adding anti-slip sand. I would think this would be easier to DIY also. Good luck...

1.20 What is the best flooring for my mountain cabin? Tile, slate, laminate, other? Must be ok with cold temps!?

Q. Please please take pitty on me a post a reply to this question! I decided to go with laminate flooring for the living room / dining room of my SMALL mountain cabin in Upstate New York. However, a person who is an expert in re-doing homes told me that if ANY water gets under the laminate it bubbles up and totally has to be replaced. The cabin very well might leak in the spring when the snow melts! I was advised not to go with real hardwood because the cabin is not heated in the winter - so whatever flooring is put down needs to be able to withstand the changes in temperature. And finally, what about if I want to flip and sell the cabin? What is the best flooring for a return on my money? Right now I am leaning towards slate because it never seems to be out of style, it is easy to care for (am I right on this?), and I would guess that natural stone would be able to handle freezing temperatures. What do you think?

A. I would seal the slate, but that would be my choice and it would add value to the cabin. You can always warm it up by adding area rugs. But, if water could be an issue, even freezing pipes, slate is a durable flooring option which would be least affected. I'm not sure about your market, but in most stone is preferred over tile, but it is also a good option.

1.20 How to deal with bad customer service?

Q. Here is the story again I ordered laminate flooring at home depot including installation.I had wall to wall carpet and so i had to pull it out and move all my furniture,unplug my tv,pc and all the night before as they were coming in the next morning.But when they came in that morning and unwrapped the materials the we had special ordered thru HOMEDEPOT a week before they discovered that it did not include any moulding.And so for that the guys said we have to wait another whole week as it has to be special ordered.In the meanwhile we'll be without any carpet on the cold concrete floor, without furniture and any tv/pc/entertainment.My question is How to exactly deal with this the proper way because i don't to want to speak with some store manager and have to wait for a resolution.Should i contact thier corporate office and if i do which would be better a verbal or Written?Any specfics i should mention/any special wordings i should use?PLEASE HELP ME!I am so pissed with them!Thanks alot! **this a follow up question what i posted yesterday** I spoke to the store manager yesterday night and she said any compensation could be only done or discussed after the job is done.WHAT SHOULD I DO ?Shall i just ask for a refund? I was very polite and did not pose any question like i need a compensation. The problems i am havibg right now because of all this mess - -Cold concrete floors -Floor condition not suitable to move back the furniture for the time being. -Lost wage for the dayoff i took on the day of installation -No TV or any entertainment or in other words no living room. -Its gonna take another week for them to get the material and resume and i will wait for that long!

A. They inconvenienced you.Find out DISTRICT managers name and call him,record conversation,let him know whats going on and how you can be compensated for the inconvenience.If you still get no satisfaction take them to civil court.OR cancel everything-did you give them any money yet?What a bunch of losers.Sue them for any money already paid if they won't give it to you.

1.20 What is the price to install Quick Step laminate flooring ?

Q. We are buying a new house and an upgrade to install Quick Step in 1000 sq. feet is about $12.50 per sq. foot. or $12,500. Does anyone know if this is comparable to what a flooring contractor would charge? We are in the Bay area of California.

A. I can give you the price we charge for labor, which is between $3.95 and $4.50 per sf, depending how cut up the house is. give me a call @7076894213 marcus a costello construction . vacaville

1.20 How much should it cost to install approx 700 sq ft of laminate flooring over tile by a pro?

Q. Funiture to be moved by installer

A. For that amount of laminate it would be around 2.00/2.25$ a s/f or in the ball park of 1400 to 1575. It could be higher or even lower in your area , but for that large amount of s/f the price should be lower instead of the 2.50 /3.00 which is an average. Furniture, with out knowing whats all to be moved can t be given an exact amount. . Average house, we d charge around 100 / 150$ and no electronics,pool tables and large pianos. And laminate can easily be installed over tile if the tile is well bonded and flat.Thats whats its made to do. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar, I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a couple 100,000 s/f .. GL

1.20 How do you install underlayment over ceramic tile?

Q. I am installing laminate flooring over ceramic tile (6X6 smoothe with recessed grout) to bring it up to the proper hieight. Do I need to, or how do I, secure the 1/8" underlayment to the ceramic floor. A local installer said I did not need to secure the underlayment and to let ot float. Sounds too easy. Removing the tile would be a lot of work. Any thoughts?

A. I agree with them. If you get 1/8" backerboard (if that's the height you need) you'll find it's plenty heavy. Just cut and lay down. It shouldn't go anywhere if you make fit tightly (e.g.: no major gaps). If it makes you feel better, use some adhesive, but I'd suggest cutting it to fit - which you'll need to do anyway - and lay it down. Then walk on it. If you think it's moving on you, you can look to secure it, but chances are it'll be fine. Only caveat is if you have uneven tile heights - maybe ragged tile (by design), then that would depend on how bad/off your heights were.

1.20 What do I use short of jacking the floors to level my kitchen floor to install wood flooring.?

Q. I have an old house and the floor is not level, it has a dip and I would like to install wood laminate flooring.

A. Try shims. figure the depth of the dip, level across from the highest point. put shims at the lowest point with plywood over the shims if there is room, then cover with the lamenant.

Laminate Flooring

 Flooring - Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring is gaining ground as the most popular flooring choice in the country. After enjoying years of popularity in Europe, laminate floors are making a mark in the American market. These floors are inexpensive, easy to install and offer the good looks of a hard wood floor with none of the high maintenance features. Laminate floors don't use any solid wood in construction, but instead are made of a number of materials that are joined together strongly, and finished to give a wood-like appearance.

Laminate floors can come in the form of High Pressure Laminates which involve a double step process, and Direct Pressure Laminates that involve a single step fusing process. Always buy a High Pressure Laminate that may cost more but is long lasting, and comes with a superior inter locking system. These laminate floors also offer a greater variety of designs, and high quality of finishes. If you want laminate floor that look as close to a wood floor as possible, buy from the higher end of the price range. Before installing a laminate floor, make sure that the sub floor is smoothly laid out, and check each laminate plank for defects and damages.

Consider AC ratings before purchasing a laminate floor. A kitchen laminate floor should have an AC rating of at least 3. Heavy use areas like commercial buildings need a rating of at least 5. Protect your laminate floors by using protective pads for your furniture legs. To move furniture across your floor, place a ply wood sheet first over the laminate, and then move the furniture across it. Avoid re finishing your laminate floor. If glue or candle wax falls on your floor, let it harden completely, and then scrape it up gently using a plastic scraper. Never use wax products, ammonia cleaners and bleach on your hard wood floor. White spills immediately, and don't leave water standing.

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